Animal Care Attendant Job Description



The Saskatoon SPCA is particularly interested in applicants who have previous experience in animal husbandry, and experience in customer relations. Some knowledge in recognizing different breeds of dogs and cats, as well as various different species of exotic animals including basic care requirements would be beneficial. Further, it would be an asset to be familiar with the City of Saskatoon Animal Control Bylaws and the Animal Protection Act of Saskatchewan.

Qualifications and Skills:

Minimum of Grade 12;
Possession of a valid Saskatchewan Driver’s License;
Must be able to work with other staff, volunteers, and the public in a positive, practical
manner and be able to work with minimum supervision;
Previous kennel or animal care experience will be considered an asset;
Must possess good verbal and written communication skills;
Must have a genuine interest in and concern for the overall well-being of animals and
demonstrate empathy and compassion for Shelter animals;
Ability to recognize signs/symptoms of disease and to handle dangerous and/or injured animals with a minimum of personal risk;
Position is physically demanding, including heavy lifting, pushing and pulling which would require an individual with ability to maintain a level of fitness and endurance to fulfil the required duties;
Ability to prepare comprehensive reports as required;
Ability to remain calm and effective in stressful situations.

Nature of Work

• Reporting to the immediate Supervisor and/or Shelter Director
• ensures quality care and treatment of all SPCA animals is provided
• responsible for all cleaning and feeding of animals housed in the Health Wing and Pound areas
• Responsible for monitoring the health and behaviour of all shelter animals
• Responsible for making recommendations for euthanasia whenever necessary, and to perform humane euthanasia as required
• Weekend and evening work is required
• Responsible for supporting and providing occasional assistance in the Promotion of all Fundraising activities and will therefore be familiar with upcoming events and ongoing efforts to promote the SPCA. This includes the promotion of lottery tickets, fundraising events, and merchandise sales.

Accountable for

Animal Care and Husbandry
Shelter rounds - walk through adoption kennels first, then the health wing and pound areas to look for any medical concerns with all animals housed in the shelter;
Follow medical protocols for any medical or behavioural concerns;
Making recommendations for animals to be placed for adoption as well as recommendation for euthanasia;
Administer medications to animals on treatment schedule;
Clean the kennels in the Health Wing and Pound areas, remove garbage, dishes, laundry, litter pans;
Feeding all animals in your area;
Perform routine post-operative examinations of all animals after surgery;
Obtain information regarding medical concerns;
perform initial examination of all animals as they are received, including vaccinations, deworming, ear cleaning, etc., and any follow-up boosters, treatments and re-checks;
enter all paperwork related each animal into Chameleon;
Perform of Humane Euthanasia as required;
Perform of Behavior Assessments;
Administer Microchipping of animals for adoption;
Clean Examination Room, equipment, cage cards, tags;
Process surgery paperwork;
Final rounds for Health Wing and Pound areas.  This entails giving water to all animals, scoop/mop as required, shut off lights for the night.

Emergency On Call Duty
The on-call person is responsible for responding to injured animals after hours; to urgent Animal Protection Complaints regarding animals in immediate distress; and receiving animals impounded by Saskatoon Animal Control Agency at the shelter after regular business hours between the period of time when the shelter closes for the evening, and opens the following morning for regular business.

Other duties as assigned