Paw Pals Program

The Saskatoon SPCA presents a new education program to Saskatoon schools which centers on reading, writing, and DOGS!  Paw Pals offers students Grade 1-5 an interactive and imaginative educational experience interwoven with Saskatchewan curriculum outcomes. Students correspond with Moe, a Saskatoon SPCA alumni, and learn important character building tools such as empathy and social responsibility, while understanding about the similarities between people and pets, and life at an animal shelter. 

Participating classrooms will be delivered a Paw Pal Mailbox, complete with instructions, personalized letters to each student, and all supplies needed to participate.  Students will receive three individualized letters during the duration of the program, and a personal visit from Moe to conclude the program.  Saskatoon SPCA Paw Pal facilitator will visit the classroom on scheduled dates to pick up/drop off mail from the Paw Pal Mailbox.  

Deadline for registration is November 1st.  The first scheduled correspondence is slated for November 7th, with Paw Pals concluding in February, 2017. The fee for each participating classroom is $75, and placements are limited!    

To register your classroom please contact Lindsay Royale at, or call 306-374-7387 ext. 108 with any questions. 

"My students loved the idea of having a dog pen pal. They are so excited to write Moe letters and get their responses. Some of them are already doing a count down.  They are very inspired to think of ways to help the SPCA.  It is an amazing program.  Thank you so much for allowing us to participate."
- Aly Strunk, Grade 2 Teacher, Caroline Robins School.

CBC Article on Paw Pals, January 21st, 2016