You have the Power of Love!


Meet Pine.
Safe to say, we love our little Pine. This sweet girl arrived at the shelter after being picked up by a concerned member of the public who realized that she was all on her own and appeared quite ill. Unfortunately, Pine tested positive for parvovirus, a highly contagious viral illness that primarily affects unvaccinated dogs. Pine received excellent veterinary attention, and spent the next two weeks slowly regaining her strength and healing day by day. Thankfully, the Saskatoon SPCA has a Second Chance Fund that was created for special dogs like Pine who require above and beyond care and veterinary assistance. Pine’s veterinary bills cost the shelter approximately $2,500, and this care would not have been possible without our Second Chance Fund. Please consider donating to Pine and our Second Chance Fund so we can continue to help animals like her.  

Prevent Life-Threatening Illness $25.00
When animals come into the shelter they may not have had the basic medical care that they need. Vaccinations for an animal will ensure the health and safety for the animals and the people who come into contact with them. 
POW! You have the power to be an animal hero for ONE DAY!
Did you know that for just $15 you can support a full day of care for a dog or cat? Well, it's true! This will give one lucky animal the gift of the essentials; food, medicine and -of course-cuddles from our staff and volunteers! 
ZAP! You have the power to treat an animal for parasites!

For only $25 you can help keep animals protected against icky parasites like fleas, ticks, and worms!
BAM! You have the power of X-Ray Vision!

Sometimes we need to take an extra close look at the animals to ensure they're healthy! This donation will sponsor an x-ray for a dog or cat!  
ZOWIE! Somebody save me!

Emergency vet visits can be very expensive! Be their hero and sponsor an emergency vet visit! 
BANG! You can be the ultimate hero! 

Healthy teeth and gums are vital to an animal's health, but dental procedures can be very costly. Be the Ultimate Hero for an animal today by sponsoring a dental surgery for a dog or cat.
With so many options I can't decide!

Please ensure my contribution goes to the area of the Saskatoon SPCA in critical need!


DID YOU KNOW YOU ARE THEIR HERO?!  In 2016, Saskatoon SPCA found loving homes for 2,026 amazing pets. Before this year ends, thousands more will need shelter, love, medical care, and your help to find their forever home. The cost of one day of normal care for just one animal is $15. While some pets are immediately adopted, others spend weeks or even months with us, waiting for their forever home. Since we place no time limits on care for our amazing animals, $15 a day for each precious pet can quickly add up! You have the superpower – of Love! Donate today and be the superhero they deserve and need.