Countdown to Christmas Lottery

31 chances to win: 
Purchase your Countdown to Christmas Lottery tickets, today!

Have the chance to win more than once with 31 daily draws and all winning tickets returned to the draw drum.  Every ticket purchased helps to support the thousands of homeless and neglected animals that we take into our care each year. Join us in our mission to improve quality of life for companion animals in our community through education, adoption, and the enforcement of animal welfare legislation, in a sustainable manner.

You can buy multiple bundles of tickets:
1 for $10, 3 for $25, 6 for $40, 10 for $55, SUPER SUPPORTER 20 for $100
Tickets sets available: 1@$10=180, 3@$25=330, 6@$40=115,10@$55=100, & 20@$100= 82; Total 4500

50/50 ticket prices, $5 each, 3 for $10, 12 for $25 
Ticket sets available: 1@$5=220, 3@$10=380, 12@$25=220; Total 4000
Must purchase Countdown to Christmas Lottery Tickets to enter 50/50
Draws to be done each day at 5:00pm at The Saskatoon SPCA 5028 Clarence Avenue South

Tickets may only be purchased or sold within Saskatchewan

Daily draws of $100
December 1st and 21st, $250 draws
December 24th, 26th, & 31st $500 draws
December 25th $2000 

50/50 Draw at 5pm on December 31st at The Saskatoon SPCA 5028 Clarence Avenue South

Lottery License #RR15-0375 Only 4,500 tickets available.
50/50 License #RR15-0376. Only 4,000 tickets available.
Ticket purchases are not tax deductible.
Tickets may only be purchased or sold within Saskatchewan 
For complete rules, please contact