Be a Hero for Hope


When animals arrive at the shelter, many have suffered horribly, and some are in dire need of immediate specialized care and medical treatment before they can find their new loving, happy homes. One of those animals is Hope, who was surrendered to us in May of 2018, and who has quickly become the most popular girl at the shelter. Hope is a French Bulldog, a breed that requires special care to ensure they remain happy, healthy, loving companions. French Bulldogs, like many other bulldog breeds, have facial wrinkles that must be kept clean and dry, or else irritation and infections occur.

They can also be prone to allergies which, when left untreated, can cause discomfort and - in some cases - severe life-threatening infections. Hope came to us with badly infected ears that were too painful to touch, infections within the folds of her skin, and an aural hematoma (or blood-filled pocket) that formed within one of her neglected ears. She will require specialized care and treatment to make a full recovery from the neglect she has suffered - care and treatment that would not be possible without people like you.

Hope’s sweet eyes and gentle demeanour immediately tugged at the heartstrings of staff and shelter visitors alike. Despite the pain she was in, she was always quick to give kisses and seek out affection. Patient and sweet, Hope’s only wish was to be near people who would show her the love and care she needed and so greatly deserved. Shelter staff were quick to have Hope examined by a veterinarian and begin her treatments for her infected ears and skin. Hope was placed into a foster home where she continues to receive the critical care and specialized treatment that would not be possible without your generous support.

Hope’s journey to recovery is far from over, and her situation is, sadly, not unique! The Saskatoon SPCA sees hundreds of cases like Hope’s every year. Help us provide the safe, warm, and caring shelter that gives Hope and so many others the second chance they so greatly deserve. You can be an Animal Superhero today! Please consider making a gift right now and help Hope, and so many like her, find their ways to their forever homes. Your generosity as a Saskatoon SPCA donor means the world to so many.

Thank you in advance on their behalf!

P.S. – All of the animals at the Saskatoon SPCA need some form of medical care, emotional support, or behaviour training (some may need all three)! Thanks to your support, these animals are getting everything they need to thrive and become the wonderful pets they were meant to be. The results are truly forever families. Please send your most generous gift to ensure that more animals get the same quality care.