Alix Tumback

Born and raised in Calgary, I moved to Saskatoon and attended the University of Saskatchewan receiving my B.Comm in Marketing and equivalency to HR. After I graduated, I and started working in Dallas, TX until I moved back to Saskatoon. Upon returning I started my own HR and Safety consulting company where I now specialize in training and development and have obtained by Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP) designation.

In addition to owning my own business, I come from a rescue background, first as a volunteer and then moving into administrative/coordinator roles and eventually a Director of two rescues and a consultant to the Board of another. I moved to Calgary briefly in 2020 ending my previous term early, and subsequently came back 13 weeks later due to COVID. I am now looking to get involved with animal welfare again - outside of an operational capacity. One reason I'm really looking forward to being a board member is: living out on an acreage and my former experience, I have a passion for looking for accessible and affordable spay and neutering solutions and I am excited to be involved in the initiative the SPCA is looking to explore. Pet ownership education is also a high priority for me.