Canada150 Grant

Celebrating the 150 anniversary of Confederation,

Canada 150 Grants support community organisations in reducing their environmental impact, creating recreation opportunities for citizens, and improving the infrastructure of existing facilities for the benefit of the public.

Saskatoon SPCA’s shelter was built in the early 70s, and had not been renovated since the early 90s so we are all very excited to have received generous Canada 150 support ($400,000 of funds that the organization is matching) to significantly upgrade the shelter and grounds of the SPCA, to improve the safety, comfort, and environmental performance of the shelter, while creating recreation amenities that will make Saskatoon SPCA a more enjoyable, more welcoming destination for people in the Greater Saskatoon Region.

The grant makes possible the following improvements:

• Upgrading of flooring and kenneling to improve comfort of the animals and our ability to sanitise the shelter, and thus control and reduce any communicable disease

• LED lighting throughout that will reduce energy consumption by an estimated 20% and installation of a solar panel array that will supply approximately 30% of electricity needs

• Installation of low-flow toilets, sinks, and appliances that will reduce water consumption

• Installation of an energy-efficient Dedicated Outdoor Air exchange that will improve air quality and cool kennel areas during the summer months

• Improvements to the 10 acre grounds of the shelter to create walking paths, shade and picnic areas, drinking fountains, exciting exercise equipment in our three fully-fenced dog parks, planting of indigenous fruit and flow shrubbery, a pollinator garden to support the well-being of bees and butterflies, and a raised-bed community garden, so pet-lovers who lack yard space can enjoy the outdoors while growing their own vegetables