With their wet noses and soulful eyes, it isn't hard to see how dogs can find their way into your heart, and hopefully your home as well!

All adoptable dogs from the Saskatoon SPCA have completed a health and behaviour assessment, and many are able to go home the same day the adoption application is completed.

It is a myth that there are only older dogs, or only large breeds available for adoption.  There are dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages, and breeds available for adoption from the Saskatoon SPCA!

For a list of prices, as well as information on everything that is included in the adoption price, please see our Adoption Fees page.

If you are ready to fill out an adopter profile/application form, you can do so in person at the shelter or via our new online form.

If no critters are showing up below, click here to view our Adoptable Dogs on PetHarbor!

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