Humane Education

Humane education teaches kindness and compassion towards animals, people, and the environment, drawing attention to how these three elements are unified and dependent on one another. Our Education Department proudly offers school programming that aims to support teachers in meeting their curriculum objectives, promoting compassion, empathy, and responsible decision-making for youth.  We also facilitate presentations for youth, adult and senior, and community groups either away from the shelter, or at our organization with a tour of our facility. The Saskatoon SPCA is pleased to offer a number of learning opportunities which support the bond between humans and animals by nurturing knowledge, compassion, and respect toward all living things. 

It costs approximately $1.6 million to run the Saskatoon SPCA every year.  Of that amount, approximately 70% comes from donations from the public and through the support of our special events and fundraisers.  For our educational services, honorariums are appreciated either via monetary donation or through the collection of items from our Wishlist!

To inquire about booking, or for more information on the Saskatoon SPCA, please contact our Education Program Facilitator today.


The Saskatoon SPCA’s education program teaches the importance of empathy, compassion, respect and responsibility for animals that helps make for improved animal owners and members of society.

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