Lost Pet Tips

When your pet goes missing, it can be a scary time for you, your family, and your pet.  Your first step should always be to call the Saskatoon SPCA at 374-7387 and make a lost report.  When making a lost report, the SPCA staff will take down a detailed description of your missing pet, and check for any possible matches that may have come into the shelter as strays.  This report will also be verified against any new incoming animals, for a period of three days.  If your animal is still missing three days after you have made the report, it can be kept on file for one year for a $15 administrative fee.  While the staff at the SPCA are doing their best to reunite you with your lost companion, there are a number of things you can do to increase your chances of being reunited.

• Ensure that your animal is licensed with the city of Saskatoon and wearing identification tags whenever possible.  Microchipping, and linking the microchip with your city license, can also provide identification for your animal in the event its collar becomes discarded while out of your care.

• Contact local veterinary clinics to see if your lost pet has been taken there. This is sometimes the case if your pet has been injured or becomes sick.

• In your neighborhood and surrounding area, call and whistle to your pet or carry an object that normally attracts your pet’s attention like a favorite squeaky toy or a can of treats that can be shaken or rattled. He may be injured, frightened or trapped and unable to come to you. Hearing your voice may encourage him to answer you.

• Recruit help and search for your pet. Look in garages, yards, under cars, in shrubbery and at neighbors’ homes as well as your own. Pay particular attention to animal “hangouts” such as playgrounds, parks and other homes with animals.

• Use the power of scent. Place a recently worn article of clothing in your yard if you have an indoor pet. Try placing your dog’s favorite blanket or toys and your cat’s litterbox outside. Familiar scents may attract your pet and lead him back to your home.

• Check with local pet stores as some may keep a Lost & Found Registry.

• Contact Saskatoon Animal Control Agency at 385-7387 to provide them with a description of your missing pet.

• Place a “lost & found” ad in the classified section of newspapers and publications, both online and offline. Write up a description of your pet that will distinguish it from others such as breed, size, color, gender, collar & identification tags, coat length, eye color, name, scars, personality, etc.  Check “found” classified ads, both online and offline, and respond to any that might POSSIBLY be your pet – a week wandering the streets can turn your white poodle into a “gray mutt”.

• Phone local radio stations to see if they broadcast “missing pet” announcements as a public service.

• Alert the postal carrier, garbage collectors, meter readers, newspaper carriers and other delivery people who have routes in your neighborhood about your missing pet.

• Post “lost pet” notices on bulletin boards, on telephone poles, in stores, churches, libraries, and around your neighborhood. If possible, use a picture of your pet as that will attract attention.

Most importantly:  never give up!

Your pet depends on your efforts, so keep trying even if your pet has been missing for more than a few days. Animals that have been lost for months have been reunited with their owners who diligently continued to search for their pet.

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