File A Lost or Found Report

The Saskatoon SPCA provides Lost & Found Services for the City of Saskatoon, and therefore adheres to the City of Saskatoon's Animal Control Bylaws. To learn more, please click here.

We are proud to reunite approximately 700 lost animals with their families every year. If you have lost your pet, you may file a lost report in person at the shelter, by phone at 306 374 PETS, or online using the form below. You may also utilize this form to file a "found report" if you have taken in a stray animal and you are trying to help find its owner.

You can also check out our Facebook Page where we post lost and found animals here.

SPCA staff will check for any possible matches to your lost report that may have come into the shelter as strays. This report will also be verified against any new incoming animals for a period of seven days. This report may be cancelled at the owner's request at any time. If you find your pet, please call us to have your lost report cancelled. 

It is recommended that the individual provide a current photo of their lost pet to accompany their lost report and to personally visit the SPCA to view animals in our Lost & Found area as often as they can. Remember, while your animal may be unique to you, our staff see an average of 96 unique animals per week!  The more details you can provide in describing your pet, the easier it will be for our staff to assist you in identifying your lost companion if it is brought to our shelter.

Please note: Submitting a lost report is not a substitute for visiting the Saskatoon SPCA to look for your animal. Please visit the shelter with a piece of government-issued photo ID at least every two days to look for your lost pet.

The Saskatoon SPCA does not take responsibility for accuracy of information. The Saskatoon SPCA will do its best to help with your search, but as the owner, you are ultimately responsible to look for and identify your pet.