File A Lost or Found Report

The Saskatoon SPCA reunites over 700 animals every year with their original owner.  If you have lost your pet, please use the form below to file a "lost report" with the shelter to assist us in helping to make you one of those success stories.  You may also utilize this form to file a "found report" if you have taken in a stray animal and you are trying to help reunite it with its owner.

After the first 72 hours, if an animal has not been reunited with its owner and has not come into our shelter, the owner has the option to pay a $15.00 administrative fee to have their lost report held on file for up to one year from the date the animal went missing.  This report may be cancelled at the owner's request at any time.

Please note: Submitting a lost report is not a substitute for visiting the Saskatoon SPCA to look for your animal. Please visit the shelter at least every two days to look for your lost pet. The Saskatoon SPCA (Saskatoon SPCA) does not take responsibility for accuracy of information. The Saskatoon SPCA will do its best to help with your search, but as the owner, you are ultimately responsible to look for and identify your pet.