The Saskatoon SPCA was formed in 1968 to help protect local animals from neglect, cruelty and abandonment.

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To our concerned members of the public,
In light of the recent story by CTV News, we are issuing a public statement to address this situation.  
The matter in question has been brought to the attention of the Saskatoon SPCA multiple times and is being dealt with accordingly by our animal protection officers. Being an ongoing investigation, we are unable to comment or reveal specific details due to our high standard of confidentiality which helps protect everyone involved in these matters. 
Despite being unable to reveal or comment on details of this case or any cases we investigate, it certainly does not mean that we are not addressing the issue.
While we are grateful for the concern and public outcry for regulation, we would like to remind the public that we are bound by the law which includes the Animal Protection Act and the Criminal Code of Canada. We would also like to remind the public that Facebook is often driven by opinion and on occasion does not depict an accurate representation of all the facts in any case. The Saskatoon SPCA does not condone public harassment, cyberbullying, nor vigilantes taking matters into their own hands in any situation. 
We ask that you please trust in our organization and understand that we are doing everything we can to help all animals in our community. We sheltered 4,000 animals last year alone and investigated over 700 cruelty complaints. 
If you would like to help animals in need, please donate to our organization (link) or if you have any specific details about suspected animal abuse or neglect, please fill out a report on our website. (link)
Venting on social media is non-productive however working cooperatively we can continue in our fight to put an end to animal cruelty.
Thank you for your concern. 
Warm Regards,
The Saskatoon SPCA

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