Awesome Obedience

Awesome Obedience: Discover the Path to Perfect Partnership!

Join us at the Saskatoon SPCA for Awesome Obedience, a transformative six-week program led by our experienced, CPDT-certified trainers and behavior specialists. Together, we'll explore the essentials of obedience training, harnessing the power of positive reinforcement to foster a relationship with your dog that's rooted in mutual respect, understanding, and joy.

Who Should Enroll? This class is tailor-made for dog owners eager to establish the fundamentals of good manners and obedience, setting the stage for a lifelong harmonious relationship with their furry companion.

Essential Equipment:

  • Buckle/Clip Collar (non-tightening)
  • 4-6 foot leash (leather or nylon)
  • A variety of small, tasty treats
  • Treat Pouch (optional)
  • 2-3 of your dog’s favorite toys
  • A mat, blanket, or dog bed

Your Training Journey Awaits:

  • Week 1: Laying the Groundwork Kickstart your training adventure with the basics: marker words, hand touch, and core commands like sit, down, stand, and backwards walking. Fun-filled activities like the Treat Toss Game and Chase Me will keep your dog engaged and eager to learn.
  • Week 2: Cultivating Confidence and Self-Control Elevate your dog's patience and impulse control with Slow Cookie and Zen Bowl exercises, introduce the comforts of mat/crate training, and add depth to the sit and down commands with increased duration.
  • Week 3: Enhancing Abilities Further your dog's skills with advanced Zen Bowl techniques and expand the sit and down commands to include greater distance, preparing them for more intricate behaviors.
  • Week 4: Refining Skills and Enhancing Focus Sharpen heel position understanding with Rubber Band Pivots and introduce dynamic movements from sit positions with explosive forwards exercises, adding energy and precision to your dog's repertoire.
  • Week 5: Command Mastery Integrate advanced commands and engage in activities like the 2 Steps Game and Find Heel, pushing your dog's obedience and agility to new heights. Build upon the foundation laid in prior weeks, challenging both you and your dog.
  • Week 6: A Time to Celebrate Review and celebrate the progress made with graduation games designed to highlight your dog's newfound skills. Leave equipped with the knowledge and confidence to continue your training journey beyond the classroom.

Why Choose Awesome Obedience? Because your relationship with your dog goes beyond obedience; it's about building a bond that enriches both your lives. With our CPDT-certified trainers leading the way, Awesome Obedience isn't just about commands—it's about unlocking your dog's full potential for a happier, more connected life together.

Embark on this journey with Awesome Obedience at the Saskatoon SPCA and transform the way you and your dog understand and interact with the world around you.