About Our Board

The Board of Directors is the governance body of the Saskatoon SPCA.  Board members serve as the links to the community. On behalf of the community, and representing the members of the Saskatoon SPCA, the board provides strategic direction, resources and high-level oversight for the organization to be successful in achieving its vision, mission and goals.

The role of the Board of Directors is to provide leadership and oversight of the activities of the Saskatoon SPCA. In both areas it will strive to represent the interests of members and the broader community.

The work of the board requires a balance of asking big questions, exploring possibilities, engaging in real dialogue, solving problems and offering direction.

The Board has a membership of no less than 7 members, and no more than 12.  In order to be part of the Board, you must be a member of the Saskatoon SPCA at the Annual General Meeting, which is held in April.  At the Annual General Meeting, if more members apply to join the Board than there are available positions, a vote will be required.  Board members are elected for a 2 year term, and may be re-elected for two additional 2 year terms, for a maximum of 6 years on the Board.

Our current Board members are:

Kevin Hovdestad Board Chairperson
Laurel Bassingthwaite Vice Chairperson
Erica Spracklin Finance Chair
Kevin Stanfield Secretary
Dr. Bianca Bauer
Alison Grieman 
Kayla Hamilton 
Corrine Holliday-Scott
Kerry-Anne Holmes
Kim Hryciw
Deborah Kies
Dr. Sandra Neumann
Garry Sciban