Our Staff

   Trina Mortson, Acting Executive Director/Director of Development

   Kathryn T, Director of Finance and Administration

   Amber M, Director of Animal Care

   Melissa B, Acting Director of Operations

   Jemma O, Manager of Animal Care and Community Engagement 

   Audrey Q, Partnership Development Coordinator

Madison F, Foster Care and Volunteer Coordinator

Lenny, Cuteness Coordinator/Animal Welfare Ambassador

   Deb F, Adoption Counsellor

   Jacolen R, Adoption Counsellor

   Nili B, Adoption Counsellor

   Sherese L, Adoption Counsellor

   Cheyenne U, Adoption Counsellor

   Alyssa R, Adoption Counsellor

   Mackenzie B, Adoption Representative

   McKenna G, Adoption Representative

   Erin D, Adoption Representative 

   Catherine B, Adoption Representative

   Taryn M, Adoption Representative

   Madison E, Adoption Representative

   Hailey S, Adoption Representative

   Tabitha L, Adoption Representative

   Heather S, Animal Care Attendant 

   Madelyn S, Animal Care Attendant

   Brittanie H, Animal Care Attendant

   Holly M, Animal Care Attendant 

   Amanda K, Animal Care Attendant

   Neaera D, Animal Care Attendant

   Jepril L, Animal Care Attendant

   Sabrina, General Ruler, Forever In Our Hearts