Our Staff

   Sabrina, General Ruler

   Graham Dickson, Executive Director

 Donna Walton, Director of Finance & Administration

 Trina Mortson, Director of Development- [email protected]

   Emma C, Director of Animal Care

   C. Schneider, Animal Protection Office/ Director of Operations




   Daphne S, Foster Care Coordinator

   Brooke W, Coordinator Assistant

Jemma O, Partnership Development Coordinator-[email protected]

   Amber M, Education Coordinator

 Wyatt G, Communications Coordinator- [email protected]

  Joline S, Bookkeeper 

Melissa B, Adoption Counsellor

   Mackenzie B, Adoption Counsellor

   Jacolen R, Adoption Counsellor

 Courteney F, Adoption Counsellor Sandy D, Adoption CounsellorDeb F, Adoption Counsellor 

 Nili B, Adoptions Counselor

   Tia D, Adoption Representative

   Erin D, Adoption Representative 

 Dawntana K, Adoption Representative

   Amanda K, Adoption Representative 




   Glenna O, Adoption Representative

   Jean B, Adoption Representative

   Heather Sutherland, Animal Care Attendant 

   Madelyn S, Animal Care Attendant

 Karen D, Animal Care Attendant

 Brittanie H, Animal Care Attendant

 Lacey L, Registered Veterinary Technologist

   D. Hart, Animal Protection Officer

 Lavan T, Animal Protection Officer