Adoption Fees

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Adult- 2 Years and up $95.00

Junior- 7 months to 2 years $145.00

Kitten- 0 months to 6 months $195.00



Adult- 1 year and up $295.00

Puppy- under 1 year $410.00

Toy/Rare Breed Adult- $450.00

Toy/Rare Breed Puppy- $475.00

Why should I adopt from the Saskatoon SPCA?

As a registered charity, Saskatoon SPCA is focused on its mission of improving the lives of companion animals in our City and the Greater Saskatoon Region.  Our fees are kept as low as possible to make the cost of adoption accessible. 


When you adopt a pet from the Saskatoon SPCA, you receive an outstanding package of values that not only saves your family hundreds of dollars, but supports your new furry friend in getting the right start in your home and community. Adoptions include the following value-added benefits:

What is included in my adoption fee?

Cat or Dog spay/neuter procedure

Microchip- a small, scannable chip is painlessly inserted under the animal's skin and acts as a permanent identification. It allows any vet clinic, animal shelter, or animal control agency to identify your pet and contact you should it become lost!

 Up-to-date Vaccinations & Deworming

 Complimentary veterinary examination at the local participating clinic of your choice

 Polite Pups training course - included in all puppy adoptions (subject to availability)

 Any pre adoption veterinary care or grooming required - this often includes costly dental work

The total value of our adoptions package of benefits ranges from $550 to more than $1,500 – depending on the variety of veterinary and grooming services the pet required. We do not make money on adoptions. Adopting is the best deal in the town!

Adoption Fees, Effective August 1st 2020

Prices are subject to change