Borrowed Buddies

We’re proud to announce this new program which pairs members of the community with shelter dogs for consistent and routine visits and field trips. Outings can last from one hour to all day, and can include a hike, a shopping spree at a pet friendly store, or even a nice lunch out on a pet-friendly patio. It’s an expansion of our current Foster Care Program that allows for people who may not be able to welcome a dog into their home in a traditional foster sense, the opportunity to still directly “foster” an animal in need.

The Borrowed Buddies program was created in order to help reduce kennel stress and provide our dogs with enrichment and increased visibility. This program is hugely beneficial for our long-term dogs, not only for providing a much-needed break from the shelter, but also for gathering more information and media/marketing tools, and creating exposure to get them adopted! Outings with a consistent caregiver provide dogs a sense of comfort and give the shelter valuable insight on how the dogs behave outside a shelter environment. Borrowed Buddies must commit a minimum of one visit per week to their buddy.



- Have the dog under YOUR supervision at all times.

- Never leave children unattended with any dog.

- Never allow a child under eighteen to hold the leash or be in physical control of the dog at any time.

- Immediately inform the shelter if there are any behaviour or medical concerns. If a dog bites anyone you must immediately report it to the coordiantor.

- Maintain a twenty-foot distance from other dogs while walking or in public.

- No dog-to-dog introductions.

- Keep the dog on leash unless confined in your home/back yard.

- Do not take the dog to off-leash dog areas (dog parks) or do dog introductions while on your trip.

- Pick up and return the dog at the agreed upon times. Dogs must be picked up Tuesday-Saturday between 9am-11pm from the shelter and returned to the shelter by 12pm, at the latest. Monday pick up from 9am-11pm, dropoff by 4pm. We are open 7 days a week, we are closed on all stat holidays.

- Transport the dog in a safe manner by either being in a crate or safely restrained in a back seat.

- Keep the dog offsite (do not walk it around Saskatoon SPCA property or take into our dog parks).

- Keep the dog safe by providing adequate rest, shade, shelter, and water.

- Utilize only positive reinforcement training (do not verbally or physically punish the dog). No pinch collars, retractable leashes, choke chains, or shock collars may be used on your Borrowed Buddy.

- No “tethering” your buddy – ie/ tying it to a fence while you go in the store, chaining it in your yard, etc.

- Have a cell phone with you at all times that can be used to contact you.

- Present the dog in a positive way to potential adopters and members of the public. Don't forget to send us photos of your adventures!

- Commit to visiting your Borrowed Buddy at least once a week!


Please ensure you understand and are able to follow these rules before applying. 



If you have applied for a Borrowed Buddy, we are working through applications in the order they were received.  Check your spam folders to see if our Foster Care Coordinator has reviewed your application.