Office Foster Cats

Are you working in an office with no animals? Boring! 

Lucky for you, you can now foster a cat at your business or office for free. The Saskatoon SPCA will provide all supplies and cover the cost of medical care for your new employee. Should the candidate provide a less than ideal fit within the workplace, we will gladly continue our hunt to find the best built-in supervisor who will meet your specific needs and provide positive outcomes for your business.

Benefits for your business:

- Reduces stress and anxiety within the workplace

- Increases employee morale

-  Positive attention from the public helps draw in a larger customer base

-  In-house pest control without having to use poisons or pesticides


Benefits for the cat:

-  Gives the cat a break from the stressful environment of the shelter

-  Allows the cat the social interaction necessary to ready them for home life

-  Allows the cat the potential to meet more adopters than if it were stuck in a kennel at the shelter


How do I become a foster?