Second Chance Fund: Charcoal

It takes a village to care for abandoned animals.

And we’re so grateful that you are part of our village.
Without your support, we couldn’t care for all the precious cats and dogs that come     
      our way.

How many, you wonder? Around 4000 every year.  
And we believe that each and every one deserves love and care, no matter what.  

            We’re grateful that you think so, too.
But finding a forever home for stray animals can be a challenge.

Sometimes, animals  
     come to us in need of extra care. And for cats like Charcoal, your support offers a second
     chance to find a happy home.

You can tell just by looking at him that Charcoal is a pretty special cat.

Loveable, playful, bubbly, cuddly… just a few words his foster parents would use to describe his charming personality.

Because of you, Charcoal is a lucky cat, too!

Your donation to the Saskatoon SPCA helps to ensure that every animal we meet has a fighting chance to live a good life – from safe shelter, to happy home.

            But Charcoal’s wasn’t always so lucky…

For Charcoal, life on the streets was tough. When he arrived at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM), he had severe trauma to one of his eyes.

He was given pain medication and eye drops, but the WCVM doesn’t provide shelter to abandoned animals –  
     so Charcoal came to the SPCA.

        And this is where your generosity makes all the difference.
    But Charcoal wasn’t the first, and he won’t be the last animal that comes to us in need of some extra care. This is why your donation is so important. Your support helps to ensure that every animal we meet can get the care it needs to survive and thrive.

Your generosity will save more animals like Charcoal.       

PS – It can be heartbreaking to see animals in pain, but your gift to the Second Chance fund will help cover the medical costs for a precious animal like Charcoal who needs some extra care and attention. Please give today!