Second Chance Fund: Miguel

This is Miguel - his happily ever after is because of you 


We have an incredible story to share with you - a story of resilience, love, and the power of your support. Meet Miguel, a tiny dog with a big heart.

Miguel's journey with us began in the most heart-wrenching way. Upon his arrival, our dedicated staff noticed something wasn't quite right. An examination revealed horrifying evidence - Miguel's delicate body bore the signs of trauma, with dried blood and bruised skin covering him. It was a heartbreaking discovery that left us all stunned.

Thanks to your unwavering generosity, we were able to provide Miguel with the urgent medical attention he so desperately required.

Multiple visits to the vet confirmed severe anemia, and the cause of these injuries remained elusive. The possibility of poisoning loomed, and Miguel required constant monitoring to ensure his well-being.

A compassionate healthcare staff member stepped forward to provide Miguel with the round-the-clock care he required. After 48 hours of constant monitoring, Miguel began improving – thankfully it was clear he hadn’t been poisoned. We felt immense relief that poisoning was ruled out, but that meant his injuries were likely the result of severe blunt force trauma, causing internal bleeding.

This type of care is only possible because of your thoughtful gifts.

Today, we are overjoyed to share the most heartwarming part of Miguel's story - he found a forever home! He has a protector and a playmate in his new family. Big brother Diego is always nearby ready to jump in and shield his little buddy from anything suspicious. New sister Frieda is very happy to have a playmate that matches her energy levels.  Miguel’s days are now full of play, fun, and most importantly love. Miguel's story highlights the essence of what we do here at the Saskatoon SPCA

 Miguel's journey, from a stray dog with unimaginable injuries to a beloved member of a loving family, is a testament to the incredible transformation that can happen when compassionate individuals like YOU rally together.

You are the main character in this story about second chances, unwavering dedication, and the power of giving.


Miguel's journey to recovery was made possible by the kindness and generosity of supporters like you But we can't do it alone. Today, we humbly ask for your support once more. Your donations enable us to continue providing lifesaving care to animals like Miguel who have experienced unthinkable hardships. With your help, we can offer hope, healing, and happiness to more animals in need.

Please consider donating to the Saskatoon SPCA today. Your contribution will directly impact the lives of animals like Miguel and help us provide them with the care and they deserve.

Every dollar counts, and together, we can make a difference in the lives of animals who rely on our compassion and care. Thank you for being a beacon of hope for animals in need.

Please consider giving monthly. Providing monthly donations to the Saskatoon SPCA is invaluable to us because it ensures a steady and dependable stream of funding that empowers our organization to deliver consistent care and rescue services to animals like Miguel year-round.

You can help more animals put their painful pasts behind them and give them the happy life and healthy futures they deserve.